Lucy's Team

131 Main Street Commons

Vass, North Carolina 28394

We want to be a part of your favorite memory

We don’t care about bridal dresses. 


We don’t. 

I know you’re thinking “but you sell bridal dresses…you have to care” 


That we do and we do very well but that’s not why Lucy’s exist. 

Imagine walking down the aisle (or not— courthouse weddings are totally in) every one that you love has their eyes on you. Cameras are flashing, handkerchiefs are being passed around, huge smiles run across each face as you pass by. Butterflies twirl in your stomach, like your first date on repeat as you and your partner exchange vows. You jet off on your honeymoon starting a new adventure with a new box to check on your tax files next year, life is perfect. You frame the photos from that magical day where you said “I do” in your first home together.  As the years go by, you sit on the couch hand-in-hand after long, work days, flipping through the channels just to land on your go-to nightly show. You catch the reflection of those framed photos from the corner of your eye and a slideshow runs through your mind of what you remember as your favorite day because of how magical and perfect it was. 

That’s why we do it. 

We want to help you create those memories that you and your loved one can look at decades later and remember how amazing it was. We are here to help you find the perfect dress to create those memories—find a gown that’s comfortable, flattering and everything else you need, so that the only worry you focus on that day is how many glasses of wine Aunt Janet has had. You shouldn’t even have your dress on your mind during your day because you feel confident and already know how beautiful you look. 

That’s why we do it. 





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